Community Assessment

A comprehensive Community Needs Assessment has been conducted by the Community Services Center at the University of Texas Arlington School of Social Work. The Assessment “has revealed significant resources, opportunities and challenges facing residents, community leaders, businesses and other groups and organizations.” Download a Brief Summary Report here. For more detailed information or more statistical data appropriate for grant writing, download a Navarro County Community Assessment Final Report.


Asset Based Community Development (ABCD)

Community assess can be used to help reconnect individuals to their community by simulating conversation and ideas among residents, business owners, professionals, government representatives, civil servants and all other stakeholders who have an interest in seeing change in the community.

The Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD) process helps individuals in a community realize their core values. It gives them courage to open up to others who may seem different, and it provides the interaction necessary to create a more positive community environment. It is a process for interested individuals in the community to look at the community, to understand the strengths, assets, and development tools already in existence in the community. (Kretzman & McKnight, 1993; Mathi & Cunningham, 2003; Pan, Littlefield, Vallidolid Tapping & West, 2005)

Other communities that have followed the development process have reported many economic and social benefits to the community. Join us as we work to improve the quality of life in Navarro County.